Stay and Play!  Doggy Daycare provides a safe, stimulating option for dogs whose owners work long hours, travel, or dogs that need extra activity or social interaction.

In addition to providing exercise and socialization, it can help curb destructive behaviors and alleviate separation anxiety. Unlike dog parks and pet-sitting in the home, doggy daycare provides a consistent, fully supervised way to train and socialize pets so they are better behaved and easier to handle.
Because doggy daycare requires a friendly, happy atmosphere in order to be successful, it is important that we establish ground rules for behavior. Your dog should be comfortable playing and socializing with other dogs and allowing a new dog into their area without feeling territorial.  For the safety of all pets and staff, we require daycare dogs allow us to handle them whenever necessary.  For this reason, you may observe us making them sit, stay, etc. and they will not be allowed to jump on us when leashed or moving them around. We want them to play and have fun but it is imperative for us all that they respect us and behave when asked.